Thought 2


Let's Just Smile

Life is way too short not to smile. I can always think of reasons to be upset or frustrated, but I can always think of a thousand more reasons to smile. 

Everyday that passes, I can't believe that I’m living in Sydney, Australia. Every morning I go to work and I’m sitting on the bus, as the sun is starting to rise, I can’t help but smile and laugh because only a couple months ago I was living in Phoenix dreaming of this moment.

God never stops amazing me with this crazy journey that he's taking me on. I don’t know what he has planned for me next, but I’m ready. If there’s anything that I’ve learned from this journey so far, it’s that, no matter what crazy think God wants you to do, even if it sounds ridiculous or impossible, take the first step and God with see it through, every step, to the very end.


Thought 1


My Desire to Travel

Growing up in a small town you learn to live the fact that you know everybody and everybody knows you. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. You get away with a lot, but then you get in this mind set that you’re kind of a big deal.

Then you move to a city.

Nobody knows you, nor can they pronounce your name. You learn how to meet people and avoid people. You learn to how to get from one place to another and do what you need to do. You make friends, find your favorite coffee shops and learn how to spend your days doing absolutely nothing or doing as much as you can until you find yourself in the next day.

This is what I love about traveling.

The people you meet are 1 in 8 billion! You hear their story that is so unique that you learn about how amazing this 1 person is. You go into a coffee shop or restaurant that is all new to you and you have an experience that is unique to that one place on Earth. You see mountains and oceans that most of the people in the world will never experience.

Have you ever looked at a person and were like ‘God made them to do that’. They do that thing so well you have no doubt that that’s why they’re on this Earth.

Every person is made for something. What were you made for? 

That’s the question I love to ask. You are so unique and you have something to offer that nobody else in the world can. What is it?

Traveling gives me this opportunity to meet people that I’ve never dreamed of meeting. I never would've met them in Phoenix, Arizona or definitely not in small town Nevada, Missouri. (Although, I have met some incredible people in both of those places.)

You know how you might have like a favorite band and you try to have all their albums on vinyl? Or maybe or have a favorite author and you’ve read all of their books? That’s the way I feel about people. God, the greatest designer, designed every person in a unique way and I want to meet every person! In Ephesians 2 Paul talks about each person is God’s masterpiece. I want to see my favorite designers masterpiece!! 

And just like God is the greatest designer, he’s the ultimate artist. I like to think of the Earth as one big canvas God painted on and it’s so big that I’ll never be able to see it all. 

But I want to try.